Simon is an accomplished coach and educator, having worked with many award-winning ensembles. Simon is also a qualified teacher and currently works as a Head of Music in London.

Simon has experience working with all ages and sizes of group. You can book sessions for choirs, small ensembles or individual vocal lessons.

If you would like Simon to work with your or your group, please use the Contact page. Rates start from £40 per hour; day/workshop rates are negotiable.


Simon has a methodical coaching style that helps you really develop an understanding of how your voice works. He has real in-depth knowledge around vocal technique and has been able to clearly explain aspects of good singing that I’ve really struggled to wrap my head around in the past.
A coaching session with Simon is time very well spent! He equips you not only with the knowledge to improve your singing, but also tools and tips to continue improving on your own. He tailors the session to your individual voice so no matter where you are in your vocal journey, Simon’s the man!

Sean Egan

Hi Simon, We just wanted to drop you a note to say a huge thank you for the great work you did with us, both individually and our unit sound. You were able to identify what to work on and then demonstrate how to fix things in a way that we could easily comprehend and apply, which was great for us. Your knowledge and ability to deliver it so clearly, will help us understand and retain the work you did with us. It was great fun, the time flew by and all round we felt very fortunate to have had an opportunity to work with you.
HQ quartet ( 2017/18 4th place BABS quartet; and recipient of Simon Arnott’s first ever judges huddle!?)

I just wanted to thank you for the great one to one session we had. As a fairly established singer with some 30 years experience, it is clear that we are in the midst of a change in education and understanding of the anatomy of singing. I am fortunate to have someone who is clearly a leading light and student of this new knowledge, and who is able to apply it and teach it in a way that is none evasive and clear to understand; and for that I am really grateful to you. Breaking old habits is never comfortable, but it is worth the effort when you can see and hear the benefits, both as a quartet and chorus singer. I have a way to go, but with your support and continued growth in knowledge , I am sure that I will see even greater improvements in the quality, management and delivery of my singing.
Peter Kennedy

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