Simon is a young British composer and music educator who graduated from the University of Bristol with a BA(hons) in Music. Simon currently works as a Pre-Prep Head of Music in London and is also a talented arranger having arranged for such groups as the Great Western Chorus, Crystal Chords and his own quartets, Park Street and Trailblazers.

As a musical director, Simon has worked with several award-winning groups, including HotTUBBS, an auditioned barbershop and a cappella chorus at the University of Bristol, and Ten Leagues Beyond, a 10 part a cappella group; he was part of the Music Team at the Great Western Chorus when they won their 9th National Gold Medal in 2015. Simon also conducts two choruses in London, Meantime Chorus and London City Singers. London City Singers are the current SABS International Chorus Champions and Meantime are the current BABS Small Chorus Champions.
Simon is also an award-winning quartet singer with Park Street and Trailblazers. Trailblazers are the 2015 National Youth Quartet Champions and represented the British Association of Barbershop Singers in Nashville at the International Youth Quartet Contest, finishing 12th. They are also the current SABS International Quartet Champions. Park Street won the National Youth Quartet Contest in 2012 and became the National Champions in 2014.

On stage in Nashville with Trailblazers Quartet

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