You can now buy a selection of Simon’s arrangements through Sheet Music Plus. Not all arrangements are available through this service; however, the list is growing! There are several ‘contestable’ arrangements available, including ‘Why Try to Change Me Now’ as sung by Trailblazers.

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For the first time, with all of Simon’s newer uploads to SMP (from July 2018), choruses can now buy copies affordably.
There is a minimum order of 10 copies; but at £1.50 a copy, this is still a great deal for quartets!

You can find out more information about all of Simon’s arrangements here:

List of Arrangements

Photo by Ian Dearman Media

Meantime Chorus came 3rd in the British Association of Barbershop Singers. They performed one of Simon’s arrangements, Proud of Your Boy. You can see the Bronze Medal winning performance here.

Two other arrangements from Simon were sung over the weekend. Shannon Express performed Simon’s ‘Well Did You Evah?’ as part of their New Years Party inspired set; Head Quarters sang Simon’s arrangement of Evermore from Beauty and the Beast.

London City Singers, directed by Simon, came away with the Small Chorus Gold Medal at the SAI Region 31 contest. Both arrangements, Let’s Misbehave and Bewitched, were written by Simon.

Photo by Ian Dearman Media