SABS & BABS Conventions 2017!

I have recently been to two fantastic convention weekends!

The first of those was SABS where I was lucky enough to receive both the International Quartet Gold Medal, singing bass with Trailblazers, and the International Chorus Gold Medal, directing London City Singers. I met lots of great people and now have many exciting things lined up…!

Both groups sang my arrangements in the contest and you can watch these sets below:

London City Singers – SABS International Chorus Winning Set (80.5%) – On My Own & Let’s Misbehave:
Trailblazers – SABS International Quartet Winning Set (79%) – Almost There & Why Try to Change Me Now:

I can’t recommend going to SABS convention enough! We all had so much fun – who wouldn’t love a convention with some of the world’s best quartets as guests, amazing groups in the contest and all on the Spanish coast!

Meantime Chorus competed in their first ever BABS contest this year. We were delighted to finish 7th overall with a score of 75.3%, winning the Small Chorus trophy. You can watch our performance of my arrangements, Almost There and Colours of My Life below:

Very proud director right now!

New ways to buy my arrangements!

There are 2 new ways you can get my arrangements – how exciting!


Patreon. You can sign up for $5 per month and receive a new SSAA, TTBB and SATB chart for your chorus/quartet every month. Only one member from your group needs to sign up, so it’s a great way to get new material affordably. As soon as you sign up, you have access to all previous arrangements that have been uploaded.


I am now able to sell arrangements of copyrighted songs through ‘SMP Arrange Me‘. You no longer need to contact the publishers and gain the rights, you just have to buy the four copies.

Currently, this is only really available for quartets, as only small ensemble works can be published though this system (it would get rather expensive for a chorus to buy enough copies).

I have three charts that are available for purchasing, all in the barbershop style:

Although I’ve arranged them with contest in mind, it’s always good to get an opinion from a judge to check its suitability for your group.

There’ll be more arrangements coming soon through this service – so keep an eye out!

Bad Romance

Watch the Great Western Chorus sing my arrangement of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance, as part of their mic cooling set at BABS 2016.

I’ve been busy rehearsing with Trailblazers to get ready for the International Youth Barbershop Quartet Contest in Nashville. We’re on stage on the 5th July. We’ll be singing two of my arrangements in the contest set; we can’t wait to share them on the stage!

Choral Arrangement – Go Down Moses

I thought you might like to hear something that Ten Leagues Beyond did in their most recent rehearsal. This is a recording of us rehearsing my arrangement of Go Down Moses; we performed this arrangement at the Mid Somerset Festival back in March to win the Vocal Ensemble category:

I’m currently deep in several arrangements that are (hopefully) contestable barbershop. You never know, you may get to hear one soon! (If you want to hear a new arrangement even sooner, why not commission one?! Contact me on the contact page)

#BABS40 – Harrogate: a successful weekend

I have just arrived back from a wonderful weekend in Harrogate (plus a detour to try lots of beer in York!) for the 40th convention of the British Association of Barbershop Singers.

Park Street up to their usual warm up room antics...

Park Street up to their usual warm up room antics…

I competed with both The Great Western Chorus and my quartet Park Street. It was a very successful weekend: GWC came 2nd in the chorus competition and Park Street won the gold in the quartet competition! It was one of the closest and highest scoring competitions in recent years, which made for a very exciting competition; we felt incredibly fortunate to win in such a tough year. It didn’t come without drama though: Laurence, our tenor, managed to damage cartilage in his knee jumping out of the last chord. A wheelchair was borrowed to enable him to collect his medal on stage; I can imagine this is a BABS first!


A BABS gold medal and a beer from a CAMRA recommended pub!

After a visit to hospital, Laurence came back on crutches to soldier on and perform in the show. We had a great time performing a couple of our contest songs again alongside my solo number, Why Don’t We Just Dance; it was particularly daunting performing it then, as OC Times (International Quartet Champions 2008) had sung it in the AIC show earlier that day! We decided not to trial our new arrangement as the tenor part is rather ridiculous: we didn’t want Laurence passing out! You’ll just have to catch us at our next appearance to hear us do a little bit of Sasha Fierce

BABS (and Park Street) have been on BBC radio quite a bit over the weekend, including Park Street’s David Foot:
Some members of The Great Western Chorus have also appeared:

#BABS40: Not long to go!


Park Street have met up for the final time before heading to BABS in under two weeks time. We sang at a concert hosted by Bristol Fashion in Stoke Bishop, Bristol. We performed my brand new arrangement for the group (but are keeping it secret for now!) and had great fun doing it; it involves everything Park Street love to do: silly dancing, stupidly high vocals, snapping fingers and more silly dancing. In Harrogate, Park Street have some brand new badges we’ll be selling at 50p (see picture) and don’t forget to take one of our business cards to help you book us for your show! Good luck to all of our fellow competitors and we’ll see you in Harrogate.

If you would like a new arrangement for your group, visit Contact Me for affordable arrangements!

Cheltenham: Cleeve Harmony – Price Tag

Last night I performed with Park Street and the Great Western Chorus in Cheltenham, gearing up to the national barbershop contest in a month’s time. We had a super time singing our quartet contest songs for a great audience.

We were also lucky to be sharing the stage with Cleeve Harmony, who opened their set with an arrangement I have written for them recently; I believe it was the premiere. They sang my arrangement of Jessie J’s Price Tag and did a great job of creating the fun sound of the song. I very much enjoyed standing in the wings listening to the sheets come to life!

To find out more about Cleeve Harmony, click here.

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