Free Arrangements

This page is a collection of free choral arrangements. You may legally perform and record these songs without any fees! If you decide to sing one, please make sure you write/say the address for this website,, and that the arrangement is by Simon Arnott.

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Amazing Grace
A simple four part arrangement of one of the most recognisable melodies in the English language.
Amazing Grace – SSAA
Amazing Grace – TTBB

Danny Boy
Danny Boy
is a traditional song with the lyrics written by Englishman Frederic Weatherly to the tune of Londonderry Air. This arrangement includes a few chordal changes, but still simple to sing.
There are different variants to the lyrics of Danny Boy and I’m happy for you to choose your own set as you see fit!
Danny Boy – TTBB

An arrangement of the traditional American folk song, Shenandoah. The 2nd verse features a bass/baritone solo.
Originally performed by Ten Leagues Beyond
Shenandoah – SATB

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